Sweet S.A. 2: Malva Pudding at Bardelli’s.

Malva Cake


One dessert you’ll almost always see at the back of a Cape Town menu is Malva Pudding. If I’d been so inclined, I could have eaten it every night – and I admit, I was sorely tempted.

In essence, it’s much like Sticky Toffee Pudding: a moist, spongy concoction with a sweet sauce, served hot with Ice Cream and/or Custard. Depending on the chef’s inclinations, it can also be made with extras like Dates and Apricot Jam – bringing a rather nice zing to proceedings.

At Bardelli’s restaurant, where I finally succumbed, I couldn’t detect any fruity additions (somewhat of a shame, in my book), but it nevertheless made a very nice plate of comfort food.

Rich, syrupy, and slightly chewy, it was certainly more of a luxury pudding than most, and from time to time my spoon would hit a pale pocket of Butter, making it seem even more of a pig out.

Still, I could have happily eaten seconds: as with yesterday’s Chocolate Samoosas, the portion size for dessert was nowhere near as generous as that dished out for main meals, and at 40 Rand it was only a fraction cheaper than the HUGE Margherita Pizza I’d eaten before.

Perhaps I’m being a little unfair. As sizing in restaurants goes, it wasn’t that small – it just wasn’t enough for a Pud-Hog.

Sadly, few things are…


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