Sweet S.A. 3: Milk Tart.

A Tart to heart

A Tart to heart

Why, oh why had I never had Milk Tart before my trip to South Africa?!

It’s not as if it contains anything we can’t get here in England. So why does nobody sell it in this country?

Like Malva Pudding, Milk Tart (or Melktert) is a tasty South African staple that you’ll find in many bakeries and cafes all over Cape Town and beyond.

It’s a bit like an Egg Custard Tart – only much much better.

Instead of Nutmeg, it’s usually topped with Cinnamon (a perennial Pud-Hog favourite, as you regular Ogglers know). And although the filling is similar to Egg Custard, it’s much more… well… milky.

The beautiful specimen you see at the top of this post was bought at the excellent weekly Capetonian market at the Old Biscuit Mill, off a stall selling produce from Martin Senekal.

Costing a mere 15 Rand (or about £1), it was a glorious pairing of crisp, thin Pastry (with a lovely grainy wholemeal texture), and a delicate, wobbling, milk custard filling – not forgetting that liberal dusting of Cinnamon.

Light, smooth and slightly tangy, it slipped down my throat in a matter of moments, and gave me a delicious boost as we trundled through the market.

Now that I’m back in the freezing climes of England, I can’t help wishing that boost would come again.

Bakers of London, take heed: there’s a creamy, Tart-shaped gap in this city. One of you really ought to start milking it.


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