Sweet S.A. 4: The Koeksister.

I’m starting to think I should emigrate to Cape Town, if only for the puddings.

Within just a few days it played host to a divine plate of Chocolate Samoosas, a Tart which trumped the grand majority of its English counterparts (countertarts?), and the wonderful syrupy bonanza that is Malva Pudding.

Then, just when I thought things couldn’t get much better, there came another surprise:


The Twisted (Koek)Sister

Now, this may look like something a toddler would bring home from their first ever dalliance with clay, but, trust me, it was delicious.

For those of you who have never seen such a thing before, allow me to explain. This glistening knot is a Koeksister: a twisted, deep-fried Doughnut which has been dunked, post-fry, in syrup.

Sounds greasy, right?

Well, it is – but not overly so.

As it happens, the one I tried (bought at the Old Biscuit Mill Market for 5 Rand – i.e. less than 40 pence) was a real treat, with the taste of oil surprisingly muted behind the general honey-like sweetness.

Though hard to the touch, the Doughnut was soft on the inside, and yielded a rush of cool syrup when bitten.

In fact, it was quite a lot like my favourite Indian sweet, the Jalebi, with its similarly moreish texture of light crunch and juiciness.

It was probably not the healthiest option to have, I’ll grant you.

But given I’ve only tried one in my lifetime, I think I can spare room for two or three more…


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