A New Turn… and Rated: Kastner & Ovens’ Lemon Slice.

Today marks the start of something a little bit different – a new turn for the Pud-Hog, if you will.

Allow me to explain.

Since the end of last year, while the number of puddings I’ve tried has been steadily growing, the time I have left to write about them has become quite sadly reduced.

Thankfully, Ogglers, a solution is at hand.

Rather than thin out my coverage (or even – shock horror – cut down my consumption of cake), I’ve decided to try out a new little system.

Whenever I’m feeling low on time I am simply going to rate things: put up a picture, pass on the relevant knowledge, and give it a mark out of ten.

In no time, I’ll build up a list of To-Chews – and you’ll have the facts you need to find out what’s what.

Look on it as your trusty Encyclopudia

I’ll still put up my recipes, and longer features will surface from time to time – but now I’ll be able to share much more of my info.

Enough of the spiel for now though, methinks – let’s put this thing to the test!

Rated: Kastner & Ovens’ Lemon Slice.

A little piece of Lemon Heaven

A little piece of Lemon Heaven

What? A three-tiered square of lemony goodness: firm (yet doughy) Pastry-type base, sharp (almost Curd-like) Lemon syrup, and a slightly crisp layer of sticky and sweet Lemon Icing.

Tastes rather like a flat Lemon Meringue Pie, though infinitely softer and more gooey – so much so that it barely keeps itself together (just look at that rupturing finish!)

Where? From Kastner & Ovens in Spitalfields, London

How Much? £2

Rating? 8/10

Delicious, obscene, but perhaps a bit too sweet – even with the comforting plainness of the Pastry


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