Rated: Sweet Tooth Factory’s Salted Caramel Cheesecake.



What? A compact yet substantial cube of (vegetarian) Cheesecake, so thick that our fork almost broke in two.

Despite being soft, the Biscuit base still hit the spot – and the overall texture was just what the doctor ordered (sticky, moist and seriously dense).

Tangy and slightly fruity, it’s not your average Salt Caramel flavour – and tastes quite a lot like the oily Artisan du Chocolat variety (as reviewed in the Pud-Hog’s Salt Caramel Test).

Nevertheless, the flavour was great overall – rich and sweet, with only a smidgen of bitterness.

In a word: INTENSE

Where? The Sweet Tooth Factory stall (on a day it appeared at the Southbank, surrounded by clamouring customers)

How Much? £3.50 for a decent-sized square

Rating? 8/10

Well worth seeking out – just bring a good fork (and a ravenous hunger)


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