Rated: Karantania’s Pumpkin Seed Oil & Chocolate Cake.

Chocolate Pumpkin Seed Oil Cake

I’ve got tiers in my eyes

What? A majestic-looking, three-tiered Chocolate Sponge, supposedly doused with Pumpkin Seed Oil.

The frosting was lovely (a rich Dark Chocolate Ganache), but between these layers the sponge wasn’t quite so successful.

Try as I might, I couldn’t detect the Pumpkin Seed flavour I’d hoped for. Worse still, the Oil appeared to have only suffused the Sponge’s central portion, making it a darker shade of brown.

Attractive as this two-toned vision was, less dryness on the top and bottom layers would have been so much more appealing

Where? This Sponge was bought from Karantantia’s stall at the Southbank’s weekly Real Food Market (not far from Outsider Tart’s more moreish offerings)

How much? £2.50 for a decent-sized slab

Rating? 6/10

While the price (and size) were right up my street, the flavour appeared to have stopped at the outskirts of town


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