Rated, Y’all: The Biloxi Beignets.

Breakfast, Biloxi-style

A Beignet breakfast, Biloxi-style

What? A New Orleans speciality that has migrated over the border: warm Doughnut-type pillows infused with Cinnamon, deep-fried in Cottonseed Oil, and dusted (very liberally) with a heaps of powdered Sugar.

Unlike the deep-fried Cheesecake they made a rather lovely breakfast, being softer and much lighter than they looked.

Surprisingly fragrant and not oily in the slightest, they came to us as soon as they were ready – proudly homemade and as fresh as can be.

If only we’d had space for their White Chocolate Banana Bread Pudding too.


Guess I’ll just have to go back…

Where? Le Café Beignet in downtown Biloxi, MS

How Much? $3.95 without tax

Rating? 8/10

I tasted the love – and loved the taste


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