Rated: (New and Improved) Fudges Flapjacks.

Fudges Flapjacks

New, you say? Improved? Better try another to be sure…

What? Golden, chewy, oaty squares, half-dipped in Belgian Dark Chocolate.

Made by a company of genius Dorset bakers, they were recently ‘improved’ through the addition of Agave Nectar and certainly taste more impressive than before.

Not that they used to be bad, of course – they just weren’t nearly as juicy.

Indeed, the new batch I tried seemed suffused with syrup, making for a very moist mouthful.

The Dark Chocolate coating, meanwhile – both crisp and deliciously thick – worked well at keeping the sweetness in its place.


I reckon there’s still room for extra goo and squidginess – but there always is where Flapjacks are concerned

Where? You can find Fudges products at most major supermarkets (I always say ‘hello’ to them in Waitrose)

How Much? Just under £3 for 300g (a box of 8 smallish squares)





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