Rated: Sunwheel Fruit Spread.

Sunwheel Fruit Spread

The Brown Fruit: everyone’s favourite

What? A rather gruesome-looking dark brown spread made entirely of concentrated fruit (imagine a liquid version of Fruit Leather).

Despite its texture and appearance – uncannily like Marmite, in both respects – it is surprisingly easy to love.

The version we tried was Pear and Apricot, with a very strong taste of the latter. More Pear would certainly not have gone amiss.

The overall strength of flavour makes it pretty economical, however: you really don’t need to use much to taste the fruit, and once in the fridge it seems to last for yonks.

Sweet, smooth, and deeply tangy, it brightened my toast no end, and made for an apparently guilt-free (or at least guilt-reduced) alternative to Honey and Jam

Where? From various health food shops and supermarkets (we got ours from Holme Grown in Jersey – the place with the Gâteau St Honoré)

How Much? £1.75 for 300g

Rating? 8/10

Move over, Jam!

Oh wait, you can’t. You’re a foodstuff.


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