Rated, Y’all: The Biloxi Beignets.

Breakfast, Biloxi-style

A Beignet breakfast, Biloxi-style

What? A New Orleans speciality that has migrated over the border: warm Doughnut-type pillows infused with Cinnamon, deep-fried in Cottonseed Oil, and dusted (very liberally) with a heaps of powdered Sugar.

Unlike the deep-fried Cheesecake they made a rather lovely breakfast, being softer and much lighter than they looked.

Surprisingly fragrant and not oily in the slightest, they came to us as soon as they were ready – proudly homemade and as fresh as can be.

If only we’d had space for their White Chocolate Banana Bread Pudding too.


Guess I’ll just have to go back…

Where? Le Café Beignet in downtown Biloxi, MS

How Much? $3.95 without tax

Rating? 8/10

I tasted the love – and loved the taste


Rated, Y’all: The IHOP Deep-Fried Cheesecake.

Deep-Fried Cheesecake

Abandon hope, all ye who enter here

What? The most ludicrous thing I’ve conceived of – let alone seen on a menu.

For breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you too can get yourself a square of Pastry, filled with Caramel and Banana ‘Cheesecake‘ (read ‘biscuitless mush’), which has been deep-fried and covered with Whipped Cream, Banana slices, and sticky Strawberry Sauce.

At 660 calories, 34g of fat, and 36g of sugar, it has to be one of the naughtiest things you can buy without breaking the law (and the most ridiculous breakfast I’ve ever had).

Surprisingly, despite being a deep-fried, Cheese-and-Sugar-filled Pastry, it didn’t taste that extreme.

Indeed, the chopped Banana and (admittedly syrup-soaked) Strawberry pieces kept things fairly fresh, providing some much-needed tempering.

It certainly had a good mixture of textures too.

But would I recommend it as anything other than a novelty item?


The Whipped Cream was not much more than froth, the filling tasted neither of Banana nor Caramel (only of something generically sweet), and, in general, it looked like a car crash.

The innards, in particular, resembled a cross between Gruel and congealed wallpaper paste.

By far the worst thing about it, however, was the lingering flavour of oil – something that lasted long after I put down my spoon (though not quite as long as the headache the whole thing triggered).

That said, as puddings go it wasn’t terrible – it just wasn’t terribly tasty

Where? Available at IHOP in the U.S. of A

How Much? $3.99, excluding tax

Rating? 4/10

Sugar and fat, fried in oil? Once in a lifetime could well be one time too many…