The League of Extraordinary Brownies.

Clockwise from top left: the Fudgepacker, Curly Whirly and Boston

Feel free to try and prove me wrong, but as far as I’m concerned, the best brownies in London are currently those being made by Konditor & Cook. I’ve written about these guys before and was pretty impressed by what I tasted.

Only after my previous post was published did I get the chance to try one of their brownies.

My mind was blown.

These aren’t your average brownies, Ogglers. Hell no. These are your ticket to Pud-Hog Heaven.

Gooey, rich, extremely chocolatey – these are everything brownies should be. Better yet, there is more than one type to choose from. In fact, as far as I can tell, there are at least four: at Borough Market alone I saw Double Chocolate Chip, Boston, Curly Whirly and Fudgepacker (which comes with a salted caramel topping).

Question is, how are you supposed to pick just one?

On Saturday, as I gazed at the stall outside their shop, that’s precisely what I was asking myself. Thankfully they were doing a special offer: buy three slices for only five pounds. Excluding the Double Chocolate Chip on the grounds of it being a fairly run-of-the-mill variety (albeit done to perfection, no doubt), that left three different flavours to get savouring.

Money was paid. The goods were in the bag.

Now, this is where my Pud-Hogging duties kick in. To save you the ‘hardship’ of trying them all yourself, here’s the highly subjective lowdown on each one. Should you ever find yourself at a Konditor & Cook, unable to justify buying all three, you can use this handy blog post as your guide.

Your waistline will thank me for narrowing them down. Your taste buds probably won’t.

  • The Fudgepacker: THE brownie of choice for salt caramel addicts, covered in firm drifts of fudge-like salted blobs. It was, predictably, extremely tasty (as they all are), but in the slice I gnawed the caramel sugar hadn’t quite dissolved. As a result, the topping was slightly granular. We’ll take a couple of marks off for that – 7/10
  • The Curly Whirly: orgasmic cream cheese topping, covering the smoothest chocolate base around. Pretty darn exciting as a concept for a brownie… Pretty darn hard to stop eating. Could’ve done with a few big chocolate chunks maybe. Then again, that might have been overdoing things. This is the brownie that turned me on to the rest of them. Beautiful – 9/10
  • The Boston: generously studded with thick chips of dark chocolate; extra moist due to the presence of juicy cranberries. A bit more sophisticated than the others, and not quite so difficult to eat in large quantities. Awesome – 9/10

Oh poop. You may well have noticed we have a tie.

I suppose I ought to pick a winner, really, but when the standards are this high, it’s kinda hard to do. You could just buy both of them…

Ah, what the hell. Buy Boston. Convince yourself that the fruit and dark chocolate are doing your body some good. After that nod to healthy eating, you’ll most likely have earned the right to try all the others.

Problem solved.

Job done.


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