10 Dribblesome Ways to Use Up Salt Caramel Sauce.

Got a jar or two of salt caramel sauce in your fridge? Wondering how best to eat it? It’s a hard life, I know, but don’t panic. Sit back, moisten your chops, and allow the Pud-Hog to give you some tasty ideas…

1. Make a sweet sandwich. Honestly, Ogglers, nothing goes better on fresh white bread than a layer of thick salted caramel sauce. If you want to push the boat out even further, try adding peanut butter, chcolate spread or jam (or even all three, if you’re that way inclined). After that, take a seat and wait for the sugar crash.

Oh no! This bread is wounded! Better put it out of its misery…

2. Quickly jazz up your summer desserts by drizzling salt caramel sauce on your ice cream. See what crazy combos work the best. My favourite so far? Salt caramel on Mince Pie ice cream. Probably not the most summery of solutions, but there you go.

3. Pimp up your hot chocolate. Also not necessarily something you’ll be racing to do in July (mind you, this is England, so it’ll probably snow next week). Anyway, whatever the time of year, how could you not want to give this a go? I’m talking luxury, Ogglers – something like the classics I raved about in February. Take some dark chocolate, melt it and stir in warm milk (perhaps even a smidgen of double cream). Stir in a dollop of caramel sauce and toast yourself on a job well done.

4. Take a leaf out of the Kooky Bakes book and use it for the filling of a cake. Now strictly speaking, the one you can see in the following picture is filled with a salt caramel buttercream (also something you could use your leftover sauce for). If the mood takes you, you can be so much lazier. Big cakes, little cakes, whoopie pies… Just spread it on like you would with jam and accompany with whipped cream if need be. A twist on the classic Victoria Sponge? A wicked addition to chocolate cake? I assure you, you won’t regret it.

Whoop whoop! Whoopie Pie!

5. Channel your seventies wild child and make a salted caramel fondue. It might well be the quickest and easiest thing you ever do. Dunk chocolate/fruit/pretzels/whatever you fancy straight into the jar, eating it up like nachos and salsa. Should you fancy making more of an effort, warm the caramel sauce over a very low heat until it softens, and serve in a swanky bowl. Just don’t let it get too hot. Nothing spoils a party like third degree burns.

6. Create your own filled salt caramel chocolates. I’ve heard it can be tricky – and you might not be as adept as some of the pros – but if you’re ever lacking in gift ideas, you can be sure they’ll go down a storm. As far as I know, all you need are chocolate moulds and chocolate. Perhaps one day I’ll give it a go myself…

7. Pay homage to Paul A. Young’s marvellous Billionaire’s concoction and cook up your own Salted Caramel Shortbread. Not that you have to do too much cooking. I tried it myself the other day: make a base by melting butter and syrup/salted caramel with broken biscuits (any cheesecake base recipe will do). Press the mixture into the bottom of a greased tin or plastic container. Leave to cool in the fridge before spreading on salt caramel sauce and topping with melted chocolate. Tailor the thicknesses to your own taste.

And swoon

8. Got a packet of bog-standard biscuits? Finding it hard to face them? You can probably guess what I’m going to say next: slather those biscuits in salted caramel (as in the vein of blog posts past). Alternatively, you could use them to go with suggestion number 5. Or 7. Blimey, biscuits are versatile, aren’t they?

9. Here’s an idea purloined from the folks at Chococo (yes, they of Jubilee Cream Tea fame). Next to their shop they serve cream tea with chocolate chip scones, dulce de leche, and clotted cream. Replace the dulce de leche with salt caramel sauce and Bob’s your uncle. The uncle who’ll be knocking at your door, demanding a portion of salt caramel cream tea

10. Should suggestions 1 to 9 have failed to take your fancy, there’s always the Caramel Purist’s option: get your finger, dip it in, and eat like there’s no tomorrow.

Trust me. It’s much tastier than it looks

Failing that, just send your jar on to the Hog House.

I’ll be sure to take good care of it.



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